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Marketing & Sales

Guiding Principles
Getz Pharma's marketing philosophy is to offer quality products that are bioequivalent to the leader, at prices that are affordable to a diverse cross-section of the community, with a focus on scientific information dissemination. Being socially responsible and adding value to the medical community is an integral part of our philosophy.

Ensuring Outcomes
Getz Pharma marketing strategies are an ideal mix of public awareness campaigns, disease awareness and prevention campaigns, scientific promotion, and customer relationship management.

Expanding Overseas
In the international market, Getz Pharma's objective is to achieve a position of leadership in every molecule within three years of launch in every market. Future plans lay a strong emphasis on showing the flag in new geographical areas with special regard to countries in the Asia Pacific, Central Asia, the African Markets and the Middle East. For details, please click on Getz Pharma Worldwide.

Brand Leader
We are brand leaders in most of the therapeutic segments in each country in which we operate.

Fastest Growth
Getz Pharma has been rated by the IMS as the fastest-growing pharmaceutical company in Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. In several markets where we have entered recently, we are likely to be rated as the fastest-growing company by the end of 2009.

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