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Getz Pharma started its marketing and sales operations in Tajikistan in 2008. This marks the first time that Getz Pharma has created a dedicated sales and marketing infrastructure in the CIS states.

Our key success factors for growth in the CIS states are demand generation and product differentiation. Getz Pharma has identified key therapeutic segments of respiratory, anti-infective, cardiology and diabetes with an objective to achieve leadership in these segments by fulfilling the unmet needs of the medical community and patients in Tajikistan.

Getz Pharma has a highly motivated team in Tajikistan, comprised of a Business Manager, a Regional Manager and Medical Representatives who are equipped with the latest marketing and sales tools through continuous training and development, which is vital to consistently delivering the highest standard of services to our customers.

Our future roadmap includes rapid growth by registering and launching new products at a fast pace, and by increasing doctors' coverage through expansion of sales and marketing teams.

Getz Pharma's vision for Tajikistan is to be one of the top five pharmaceutical companies in Tajikistan by 2015, and to be rated as the 'Most Admired Company' by our customers, regulators and employees by nurturing excellence in our work.

Need to contact us in Tajikistan?
Email: business.partnerships@getzpharma.com

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