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Getz Pharma started its marketing and sales operation in Kenya in April 2007. Getz Pharma is the first company in Kenya that has surpassed 25 million Kshs in sales within the span of just nine months. According to the local distributors' survey, the total pharmaceutical market in Kenya is growing at 10 to 11 percent over the previous 12 months, whereas Getz Pharma is growing at 40 percent and is rated as the fastest-growing company in the country.

Getz Pharma has a strong network coverage, both in terms of doctors and pharmacies, all over Kenya through its highly motivated and dedicated marketing and sales team, which is supported by a strong distribution network of Surgipharm, who is our business associate in Kenya. Surgipharm is one of the biggest distributors of the country and has the largest distribution network.

We have more than 31 brands in Kenya, and have a strong presence in the following therapeutic segments:

  • Infectious Disease
  • Cardialovascular
  • Diabetes
  • Pulmonolgy
  • Pediatrics
  • Anti-Rheumatics
  • Gastroenterology

Our regulatory team for Kenya possesses an in-depth understanding and knowledge of regularity requirements of drug registration in Kenya, which is the reason Getz Pharma obtained a higher number of registrations in 2007-2012.

Our qualitative objective in Kenya is to be rated as the most ethical company that produces high quality branded generics at affordable prices for our customers. Our quantitative objective is to be among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Kenya by the end of 2013.

Need to contact us in Kenya?
Email: business.partnerships@getzpharma.com

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