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Corporate Social Responsibility

Good Corporate Citizenship
Getz Pharma's culture involves sharing success with the community at large. Within the purview of health care, we have pursued philanthropic and non-commercial ventures and contributed towards social consciousness, collaborating with Civil Society Organizations (CSO).

Lending a Hand - Prevention Initiatives
Developing effective drugs to combat disease and restore health is our goal. Educating the public on disease prevention is our responsibility.

  • Hepatitis C Screening Camps
    - 200 camps conducted
    - 11,000 patients screened free of charge
  • Public Awareness Programs on Prevention of Hepatitis
    - 500 Programs
  • Diabetes Diagnosis Program
    - 50,000 patients screened in 2005
  • Free Blood Sugar Tests
    - 300,000 patients
  • Lipid Profile Tests
    - 50,000 patients
  • Bone Mass Density Screening Camps
    - 1,000 patients

Encouraging Learning - Scientific Initiatives
Our investment in scientific initiatives supports continuing education, sharing knowledge, and forging new connections through:

  • KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Panels
  • Seminars
  • Symposia
  • RTDs (Research and Technological Development)
  • Funding epidemiological studies and clinical trials at leading academic institutes

Nurturing All-Round Excellence
We recognize that good health is more than physical. To encourage youth to develop their full potential, we offer:

  • Sports scholarships
  • Music and arts scholarships

Getz Pharma Cares
Corporate Social Responsibility

Best In Class
Giving our partners the results they seek takes agility, passion and a spirit of continuous improvement. We are known to excel in every aspect of our operations that range from Manufacturing to Marketing; Systems to Sales; Quality Control to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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